Team Building Activities

Team Building Activities Aboard The 50 foot Beneteau 49 Yacht, DorothySweetwater Sailing Charters offers unique Team Building Activities that are fun and engaging for groups of six aboard its 50-foot Beneteau 49 yacht, Dorothy.

The program begins with the introduction of group members and an overview of the day’s activities and goals as participants prepare to leave the marina.

While underway, individuals improvise, adapt, and communicate to resolve various situations they encounter while cruising the coastal waters.

By the end of day, participants will have weathered triumphs, trials, and tribulations associated with a day of sailing, and they will discover the power of using effective communications, trust, and cooperation to achieve a common goal. 

With a focus on sharing skills, talents, and ideas to create the competitive energy that comprises a successful team, Sweetwater Sailing Charters provides an exceptional environment in which participants engage and interact to help change behaviors and achieve the following goals:

  • Cooperate to make sound decisions in challenging circumstances
  • Build trust and confidence among colleagues
  • Effectively plan, organize, coordinate, and communicate to build the relationships needed to achieve strategic goals
  • Identify strengths and improve weaknesses to create team dynamics
  • Share knowledge and skills to achieve objectivesTeam Building Activities Aboard The 50 foot Beneteau 49 Yacht, Dorothy

In today’s environment, it takes a cohesive team with multiple skills and talents to provide the client with the products and services it needs.

As participants return to the marina, they will demonstrate the principles they have learned and how these practices build successful teams. They will have the resources to continue to build a strong bond that they will take to the office and into the field to successfully improve performance, earnings, and relationships.



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